pyka_spotlight: Katie Kerswell

The summer term has come and gone, and it was packed full of _looper courses. We now have a whole heap of new remix tracks to share with the world, and it’s all thanks to each and everyone of the learners who explored, recorded, and crafted the sounds of their environment into tasty music making ingredients. However, although it’s a huge team effort for the learners at each school, we’d really like to shout about a certain someone who we really want to put in the pyka_spotlight.

This summer term, pyka facilitators Greg and Gary-Martin met Katie Kerswell at Greenway Primary, and in just six weeks watched her blossom into a mindful sound enthusiast. We’d like to share some of her creative processes and celebrate her consistent effort throughout the _looper course.

How can we sum this up in 3 magic words... Katie. Was. Brilliant. One highlight of ours was her attention to detail throughout our patented secret sound hunt. Katie demonstrated fantastic sensitivity to crucial music production procedures and made sure that there was a clear recording of every single sound; each take just had to be perfect. The ultimate proof of her commitment to this process was the sign she created to use when recording which simply stated “Silence! Recording in progress.” 

But her commitment to her sound hunt went beyond the classroom. Katie has told us that she has been using pyka_loop at home on numerous occasions and particularly enjoys sampling the sounds of different TV shows and remixing them together. Genius!

Some of Katie’s personal highlights include ‘learning about white noise’, because it was ‘strange and new’. Katie said ‘I really enjoyed arranging my own track because I got to listen back to my own sounds’, and her favourite way to interact with our app was performing melodies: ‘I like making melodies and using pyka_loop like a piano.’

Katie's enthusiasm for sculpting melodies made for some fantastic class track music ingredients. All of Katie's melodic explorations were brought together with other musical recordings from her peers to create the delicious track Screktequler Sookastuke, which is now positively polluting the airwaves of the most kooky electronic music aficionados around the world:

So, we’d like to say a massive thank you to you Katie for being such a star, and good luck in all of your future _loop skronk remixing.

Loop on.

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