pyka_hack Tate 2018

Recruitment for the 3rd annual pyka_hack is now open, and we have a very big announcement to make...

It's that time again folks! Recruitment for the 3rd annual pyka_hack project is upon us.

The what?! Well, pyka_hack is our creative digital enterprise program. Schools across the UK are enrolled at pyka and become part of a live development team as they respond to a digital development brief set to them by a real-world client.

Last year's pyka_hack partner was the composer and instrument inventor Victor Gama who challenged the schools involved to create a digital version of one of his many wonderful instruments, the Acrux.

Each year we strive to take the _hack into deeper and more meaningful territory as we contribute to the evolving education climate in Wales. This year we've pushed it even further, and as a result, our biggest opportunity for schools has just landed.

....drum roll please....

We are very excited to announce that this year's partner for pyka_hack is none other than the Tate.

Participating learners will design and develop a new digital product/app which will respond to some of the key challenges and opportunities the Tate have identified when exploring the potential of digital learning in their museum spaces.

This is the perfect opportunity for schools to show their learners how each and every one of them can play a vital role in real world industry processes, and ultimately prepare them for successful futures.

Schools, what are you waiting for? Recruitment for pyka_hack 2018 is closing fast. Look sharp, book your place now!


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