Behind the projects and the software. Meet our team of artistic professionals, whose skills span the entire creative spectrum.

pyka is a creative tech company that works in education & the arts. We develop artistic software and digital tools, and use them to provide creative experiences for schools, universities, galleries, museums, and more.

We don’t believe that technology will save the world.

Yes. You read that right.

...however, we do believe that good people with good ideas will, and this is where technology can play a very valuable role; in supporting those people and enable them to realise something wonderful and profound.

So, everywhere we go we have strived to do just that. Our creative engagements and digital tools have reached people of all ages and backgrounds across the U.K. Over the past few years we have been active in over 120 schools and engaged over 9000 learners. We have also delivered large scale events and creative engagement programmes for cultural partners including Tate, Shakespeare's Globe, The Roundhouse, National Museum Wales, London Symphony Orchestra, Wales Millennium Centre, Cadw, Chapter, Chester Zoo, and many more.

pyka is proudly a welsh company based in Newport, South Wales. We are driven by a team of artists and practitioners whose skills span the creative industries. All of our education programmes, explorative research, and software development is informed by our team's active professional practice within each of their fields.

They're a colourful bunch. Go on. See for yourself!


Leigh Davies

Co-Founder, Head of Creative

Systems Creative, Producer, and Educator. Loves sound. Loves visuals. Finds it impossible to separate the two.

Artistic director at pyka overseeing the design and creative direction for our software, projects, and interactive experiences.

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Miles (duotone).png

Miles Warren

Co Founder, Head of Construction

Viking of velocity and vectors. Our talented and level-headed digital wizard, corralling the 1s and 0s.

Lead software developer at pyka. Oversees production of all digital tools and creative hardware.

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David (duotone).png

David Gunn

Co Founder, Head of Concepts

Digital designer with useful alter-egos. Lives almost exclusively off raw cauliflower.

Professional strategist. Posing the difficult truths and questioning the compass for pyka.

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Gary-Martin (duotone).png

Gary-Martin Rolinson

Head of Education

So good they named him twice. Creative electronic musician and a real Jack of the Suburbs.

Lead for pyka pedagogy and educational resources. Artist facilitator for pyka projects and engagements.

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Greg (duotone)

Greg Ryan

Schools Network Co-ordinator

Accomplished pianist and composer. Has soundtracked films, as well as rowdy classrooms.

Schools Network co-ordinator and artist facilitator for pyka projects and engagements.

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Sam (duotone).jpg

Sam Wheeler

Cultural Network Co-ordinator

A passionate flame for the digital sector and social impact. A powerhouse for the doing of good.

Making connections between pyka and people who share the same ambitions, and strive for shared solutions.

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Heidi (duotone).png

Heidi Wilson

Artist Facilitator

A mover and shaker. Over 20 years experience as a dance educator and movement specialist.

Dance and physical literacy expert for pyka. Passionate belief in the role that creativity can play in improving access to learning, well-being, and quality of life.

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Lauren (duotone).png

Lauren Walker

Artist facilitator

Musician and digital creative. passionate about the impact of technology within education.

Artist facilitator for pyka projects and engagements.

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Daniel (duotone).png

Daniel Alford

Artist Facilitator

Welsh landscape photographer and videographer. Traveled the world producing works for National Geographic, Barbour, Lonely Planet.

Film and photography specialist at pyka. Artist facilitator for projects and engagements.

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