Acrux Seasons

Play with the seasons in the beautiful digital adaptation of Victor Gama's instrument The Acrux.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of echoing leaves, swirling mist and playful sonic droplets in this musical instrument for iOS. Play your way through the seasons and construct melodies using a unique and beautiful interface inspired by the real-world Acrux.

acrux seasons summer

Sonic features.

Acrux Seasons was designed with performance in mind. With a variety instrument interactions at your fingertips users are able to construct and perform beautiful, detailed melodies and phrases.

  • Tap the keys to create short and sharp plucks of the Acrux.
  • Hold the keys to build long and sustained notes.
  • Drag your finger in the open spaces between the keys to create seasonal drones and soundscapes.


Perform the seasons.

Acrux Seasons is a digital instrument inspired by the natural world. As you play your way through the seasons, watch as thin twigs scattered among snowflakes make way for a vibrant summer of sonic multicolour. The keys, colours, backgrounds and natural environment all change to give each season its own distinct user interface and sound design.

pyka_hack acrux seasons performance stage

Taking it centre stage.

Acrux Seasons is powered by a high-quality audio library featuring samples of the original Acrux. The percussive sound of the Acrux keys allow it to cut through complex soundscapes and arrangements, enabling it to perform well as the lead melodic element to collaborative, large scale performances or recording sessions. The possibilities are endless!

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Free on the App Store

Acrux Seasons is available for free on the App Store, currently exclusive to iPad. Grab your copy now!

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“Acrux seasons is the most beautiful app I’ve ever seen...and heard. It's wonderful!”

Pupil at Trellech Primary School, South Wales. (2018)

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