The Expression Orchestra

A collection of digital instruments designed to broaden access to empowering musical performance.

Each instrument within The Expression Orchestra is designed to embrace simplicity and celebrate a wide range of abilities. Each instrument allows users to perform music via a single but powerful interaction mechanic, resulting in a series of expressive tools that work well as solo instruments or as part of a wonderful digital ensemble.

The Expression Orchestra FOCUS 02

Instrument #1 - FOCUS

FOCUS utilises the power of eye tracking technology to provide the opportunity to control powerful musical dynamics through the use of your eyes. Fix your gaze on the screen to begin generating a dramatic build up of sound, and stop the climax simply by breaking your gaze, providing total dynamic power quite literally in the blink of an eye.

the expression orchestra - MOVE 01

Instrument #2 - MOVE

MOVE is a 3D motion tracking instrument that provides users the opportunity to create beats and rhythms that are influenced by your position in the room, allowing you to explore how your physical presence within a space can be used as an effective and expressive digital instrument.

the expression orchestra - TOUCH 01

Instrument #3 - TOUCH

TOUCH is a multitouch melody maker for iOS. TOUCH removes the need for precision and celebrates each and everyone’s unique approach to performing music through the use of touch. Interact with the screen using your fingers, palms, feet, or even your face to create notes and use them to construct melodies, resulting in risk-free melody making through an instrument that’s sculpted simply by interacting with it.


Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

The Expression Orchestra was developed as part of a Creative Collaborations project, funded by the Arts Council of Wales, in collaboration with Ty Gwyn Special School, Riverbank Special School, and Woodlands High School.

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