Transform over 600 artworks from Tate's digital collection in this digi-punk collaging app for iOS.

Developed in collaboration with Tate - Mishmosh is a digital collaging platform that lets you remix artworks created by of some of the world’s most famous artists.


The Tate collection.

Mishmosh provides people around the world with a new and exciting way to immerse themselves in Tate’s stunning digital collection. The app contains over 600 of the world's most famous artworks spanning 500 years...and they're all waiting to be cut, stuck, and crafted into new digi-punk art creations.

Mishmosh collage features

Collaging features.

Select the artworks you wish to transform and use your fingers to cut shapes, images, and patterns to reimagine landscapes, re-contextualise characters, or create abstract wonders! Mishmosh's collaging workspace allows you to:

  • Cut assets from any artwork in the Tate collection.
  • Resize, rotate, and duplicate your collage assets.
  • Add expressive animations to bring your collage to life.

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Take over the collection!

When you feel that you can’t keep your masterpiece to yourself any longer, you can upload your artworks to the Mishmosh Museum. Anyone from anywhere in the world can then view your work and then choose to remix it and add their own creative stamp to the collection of evolving artworks. Collaborate across countries and continents and take over the gallery, you rebel!

Visit mishmoshmuseum.com

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Free on the App Store

Mishmosh is available for free on the App Store, currently exclusive to iPad. Grab your copy now.

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"Thanks to Mishmosh my students now have a better understanding of what’s out there in the world of art and what it’s all about. They have gained a first-hand frame of reference, and now realise it isn't just a painting on a wall or a sculpture on a plinth. They can now see they are actually able to do something with it through a medium that is accessible in their life - a creative digital tool.”

Richard Aylett, Deputy Head, Llanfoist Fawr Primary School.

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Featured Artworks

We've selected some of our favourite artworks which have been submitted to the Mishmosh Museum so far. Read more about these wonderful takes on well known artworks.

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