Explore your surroundings and capture the multimedia ingredients required to create your own interactive digital Moments.

pyka_lens enables users to make deeper connections with their surrounding environment. The interactive Moments that users create serve as mindful artistic interpretations of the locations that they have physically explored as a result of the creative processes involved in using the platform.

pyka_lens word capture

Capture your Content

Grab your device and find an interesting environment to explore! pyka_lens features a series of capture tools that allow you to:

  • Take photographs of the different layers of your visible environment.
  • Hunt for and record the incidental sounds of your surrounding landscape.
  • Uncover and capture words through an augmented word hunting camera.

pyka_lens moment example 02

Create your Moments.

pyka_lens features a Curate mode which allows you to sculpt and edit your content to craft your very own interactive digital Moment.

  • Edit your photography, words, and sounds, transforming them into interesting media assets.
  • Assemble your media into a carefully crafted sensory composition.
  • Add interactive expressions to your media to bring your static artworks to life.

pyka_lens explore moments

Explore Moments Online.

Browse a growing library of interactive digital Moments created and submitted by other users of the pyka_lens platform via the explore mode. Search for Moments by name or location and dive into the digital interpretations of a variety of locations from all around the world.

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Available on the App Store

pyka_lens is available on the App Store, currently exclusive to iPad. Grab your free copy now!

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"The chance to create art and weave stories that are inspired by the places I visit is very exciting to me."

Madeline H. Home education learner.

from pyka_lens

pyka_lens heritage guidebook

Engage with Heritage Sites.

To support the use of pyka_lens at heritage sites, we have created a free guidebook resource that allows anyone to enhance their engagement with historic locations through mixed media creativity and mindful reflection. Download your copy now!

pyka_lens heritage guidebook (english).pdf

pyka_lens arweinlyfr treftadaeth (cymraeg).pdf

pyka_walk Cadw whitecastle

These Stones are Stories

Read about our recent Research & Development collaboration with Cadw, where we set out to uncover new ways of engaging with historical Welsh sites through the use of our bespoke creative technology.

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