Record sounds and twist them into new shapes. Create melodies, beats, and textures from sounds of the world around you.

Record, playback, loop, pitchshift, and modulate any audio to spontaneously create exciting music from the unlikeliest of sound sources.


Record your surroundings.

pyka_loop is built for exploring the sounds of the world around you. Whether you’re in a forest, farm, kitchen, castle, or broom cupboard, pyka_loop is designed specifically to draw upon the rich variety of sounds that surround us. Simply grab your device and start capturing sounds at the tap of a button!

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Loop. Twist. Pitch.

Interact with your sounds to access a wide variety of audio manipulation features. Through the use of simple and intuitive multitouch gestures, you can:

  • Use standard, reverse, and looped audio playback.
  • Change the size of the sound to alter the volume.
  • Rotate your sounds to scrub through the audio and alter the playback position.
  • Play with pitch, panning, filtering, and echo.

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Assemble your mix.

Use your samples to quickly build compositions by moving and mixing your sounds to work together. Record your performance in pyka_loop or save and export your stems to spice up your next studio session.

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Available on the App Store

pyka_loop is available on the App Store, currently exclusive to iPad. Grab your copy now!

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“pyka_loop... now THAT’S what I call music!”

Pupil at Undy Primary School, South Wales. (2015)

from pyka_loop

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5 fun things to do with _loop

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