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Collaborating with a wide range of individuals to develop digital tools that unlock access to meaningful creativity.

pyka believe that the potential for technology to meaningfully engage people is massive. We are helping to realise this potential by working with people far and wide and enabling them to build technologies that unlock deeper access to artistic opportunities.

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Created by people.

project everyone goes beyond the ‘focus group’ and actively involves people in a meaningful creative development processes, allowing them to sculpt their own digital landscapes and shape the creative tools that are made accessible to them.

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Working with everyone

project everyone strives to reach individuals from all walks of life including but not limited to:

  • Individuals with physical disabilities or additional learning needs.
  • At-risk groups (not in education, employment, or training).
  • Remote or disadvantaged communities.

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Amazing digital outputs.

Our project everyone partnerships have seen a wide range of creative digital tools created across Wales.

  • Bespoke audio sampling software, pyka_loop, developed with at-risk youth group in Blaenavon.
  • The Expression Orchestra, developed in collaboration with ALN schools in South Wales.
  • Digital storyworld app created with Cadw and local communities.

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"pyka’s approach to each and every project is impressive. They demonstrate a genuine commitment to co-production in that the participants always play a meaningful role in the development of the creative tools that they will ultimately be using. The team at pyka show great skill in knowing how - and when - to support participants, offering encouragement, helpful suggestions and fully involving them in the decision-making processes."

Kate Strudwick, Creative Project Manager, Head4Arts, Wales (2019)

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These Stones are Stories

Read about our recent Research & Development collaboration with Cadw, where we set out to uncover new ways of engaging with historical Welsh sites through the use of our bespoke creative technology.

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