Transforming learners into app developers and drawing upon their digital competence to solve a problem for a real-world client.

pyka_hack is an exciting and unique digital enterprise opportunity for schools which provides learners with the chance to work for a real-world client from within the classroom, whe exploring all strands of the Digital Competence Framework.

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App Development

Schools are enrolled at pyka and become part of a live app development team. Learners are shown that it takes so much more than just coding to create a new digital product, as they:

  • Generate unique ideas and product concepts.
  • Conduct market research and evaluate existing digital products.
  • Explore programming, graphic design, animation, and sound design.
  • Debug, beta test, and finalise their product's branding and identity.

See the apps created by previous _hack participants


Real-world Client

Learners are given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for a famous real-world client. Our partner organisations provide a meaningful product development brief, which provides the learners with a problem to solve, fostering true value and meaning to the learners' work which extends beyond the classroom.

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Global Public Launch

The annual pyka_hack programme culminates in a grand public launch event, hosted by the real-world client, and championing the learners' finished digital product for the world to enjoy.

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“Being involved in pyka_hack has not only been a fantastic experience for the learners, but also for me as a teacher. The pyka_hack programme has connected us to the various strands of the DCF through an exciting and engaging form, allowing the learners to consider and explore the various skills they will need in the future.”

Joella Williams, Teacher, Trellech Primary School, Wales. (2017)

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_hack at Tate Britain

They only went and did it! Our pyka_hack schools have launched their exciting new app at Tate Britain.

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Recoding Coding.

Back in 2015 we began the first ever annual pyka_hack project - but why did we begin doing it in the first place?

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